Ford welcomes talks announcement

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the announcement of cross-party talks to begin next week in a bid to resolve the ongoing crisis at the Assembly.

Mr Ford was speaking after the confirmation by the British and Irish Governments that talks would take place at Stormont House.

“I am pleased the Governments took onboard Alliance’s suggestion for an intensive talks process. This crisis began with some parties’ refusal to honour their commitments under the Stormont House Agreement and was worsened by the shooting of Kevin McGuigan and police comments about the IRA.

“No longer can this be allowed to continue. Uncertainty must be brought to an end and paramilitarism cannot remain in our society, poisoning relationships and being the great unsaid truth in Northern Ireland.

“These talks need to be a genuine attempt to move beyond the seemingly endless cycle of crisis after crisis, which is damaging the delivery of Government and eroding public confidence in the political institutions.”

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