Dickson hosts successful business breakfast

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has hailed a special breakfast event held for businesses in the East Antrim area as a major success.

Business owners, employers, community organisations and Alliance colleagues from across Carrickfergus, Larne, Newtownabbey, Carnlough and further afield joined Mr Dickson, which was designed to inform about the work being done at local and central Government level, as well as opportunities in Europe and the Social Enterprise sector.

Guest speakers included Alliance Ministers Stephen Farry and David Ford. Mr Dickson said it was a chance to showcase how East Antrim was bouncing back to build upon previous success.

“It was a positive occasion, with many business owners across the constituency taking the opportunity to discuss training and employment strategies. All types of industries were represented and issues were relevant to all employers – from work experience to training, skills and new opportunities the improvements to the A8 and A2 give.

“The potential of Corporation Tax being reduced was a major point of interest for many businesses and how it could prove to be the catalyst for East Antrim to truly power private sector job creation. Minister Farry also emphasised the need to develop and up-skill the engineering sector here.

“East Antrim benefits immensely from its position in the single market and therefore it is vital the UK remains within the EU, or else we could lose out on investment to competitors on the continent. This business breakfast showed that working together, we can all promote a strong and high quality brand for East Antrim and beyond.”

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