Ford welcomes normalisation moves

Alliance Party Chief Whip, David Ford, has welcomed fresh steps towards normalising the security situation on the basis of security advice from the Chief Constable and GOC, and has stated that these steps are consistent with the Alliance Six Point Plan to break the deadlock in implementing the Agreement.

David Ford said:

“In the Alliance Six Point Plan, we argued that increased steps towards normalisation on the basis of security advice could help to create a better context for the restoration of the political institutions and the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.”

“There can be no equivalence between the security measures adopted by the Government to protect the citizens of Northern Ireland and the weapons used by paramilitaries to inflict misery on many people.”

“However, the large number of watchtowers and installations in Northern Ireland reflect an abnormal society. Surely, it is right to want to see a more normal security situation here.”

“The developments of the past weekend can surely contribute to more positive security assessments being made. On this basis, Alliance welcomes moves towards normalisation. We are assured that security measures can be reinstated at short notice if the security situation changes for the worse in the future.”


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