Ford welcomes Assembly agreement on tackling junior doctor crisis

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the Assembly agreement on the Alliance motion to tackle the problems surrounding junior doctor training locally.

David Ford said: “I welcoming the full agreement on the motion put forward by Dr Kieran Deeny and myself, and the Minister’s positive response.

“I hope that the Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey, will address the problem immediately.

“This is a victory for our local health service; however, we need urgent action as suggested in the Assembly debate.

“It is important that the review announced by the Minister is wide ranging and fully inclusive, engaging with all sections of the medical profession and the wider community. This review must ensure that the looming crisis does not happen in August this year and that full medical care continues to be provided.

“I await with interest the measures that the new the Minister will put in place to tackle this serious problem which could lead to a ‘brain-drain’ of our local doctors.”


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