Ford: UUP playing games with Northern Ireland

Alliance Leader David Ford has accused the UUP of ‘playing games’ with the future of devolution – adding the party is attempting to ‘pick and choose’ which parts of the current process suits its own agenda.

The criticism was laid out following the initial meeting of all parties at the latest round of Stormont talks, where the UUP revealed it would only engage if and when the government, the police and Sinn Fein agreed a shared view on whether the IRA continues to exist.

David Ford said: “For weeks we have been encouraging parties to display cool heads and strong leadership. The UUP are doing the opposite, with each move calculated to serve their short term interests, regardless of the damage to devolution.

“Yesterday they promised a pathway to break the gridlock over welfare reform, today they are refusing to discuss the issue. It’s a case of whatever grabs them a headline from one day to the next.

“Alliance made our position very clear at this evening’s meeting. We need all of the issues addressed, and addressed in a way that breaks the endless cycle of crisis talks. Any party that is serious about leadership should come to the table, and stay at the table, until that is achieved.”

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