Ford standing for Council again

Local Allaince MLA David Ford has announced that he is standing again for Antrim Council.

David Ford was a member of the Council from 1993 to 2001, but he did not contest the last election following his election to the Assembly.

Speaking on his nomination, David Ford said:

“During the last four years, Antrim Council has seen more controversy and squabbling than for many years. Instead, of providing a lead to the citizens of the Borough, the Council has become a laughing stock. Every meeting of the full Council seems to be worse than the last one.

“Alliance members are committed to working for everyone in Antrim, providing top quality services at value for money and protecting the local

environment. We will oppose petty sectarian point scoring and wrangling.

“As a Councillor previously, I was heavily involved in the work of the Environmental Services Committee. I supported the introduction of the

blue bin recycling scheme: we still need to do more to promote recycling and home composting.

“I also campaigned on protecting the environment, including stopping inappropriate development along the Sixmilewater river.

“While I want to see Council officers having decent working conditions, I do not believe that the new offices at the Steeple are good value for the ratepayers of the Borough. It is most unlikely that Antrim will be the centre of a Council after the reorganisation of local Councils under the review of public administration: we could be left with an expensive white


David Ford added that it was most unfortunate that the Assembly was not working as it should.

“With no sign of an early return of devolution, I feel that it is right for me to seek a new mandate from the people of Antrim.

“I have received very good support from the people of Antrim in elections in the recent past, with an excellent vote in the town in the last Assembly elections. I am looking forward to this election with confidence.”


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