Ford slams Hain’s inaction on UVF

Alliance Leader David Ford has strongly criticised the failure of the

Secretary of State to take action against the UVF.

David Ford said:

“For months the UVF has been threatening, attacking and killing people in

Northern Ireland. Yet the Government did nothing. Last week the

Secretary of State admitted that he hadn’t even read the IMC report, three

days after he received it.

“When Alliance proposed the setting up of the IMC, we did expect that

Ministers would at least read its reports.

“Now, 48 hours after the massive violence in Belfast, the Secretary of

State has still done nothing against the UVF.

“For months, we have seen the Government trying to cling to a pathetic

pretence of a ceasefire. They have only been concerned at attacks on the

state and its forces. Surely Peter Hain can recognise that when live

bullets are fired at the police and army, that constitutes a breach of

even his definition of a ceasefire.

“Since Saturday, we have seen the unwillingness of the Orange Order and

the Unionist parties to take a firm stance against Unionist

paramilitaries. Now it appears that the Government is no better.

“Specifying the UVF might not make an immediate difference on the ground.

But Mr Hain needs to send out a message that the Government is going to

stand up to terrorism and defend decent citizens. It is time he specified

the UVF.


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