Ford says we need a full year of work from Executive

In his New Year’s message, Alliance Leader David Ford has called for a full year of work from the Stormont Executive after last year’s damaging five-month stalemate. He said Ministers should also be making New Year’s resolutions on ending segregation and improving sustainability.

David Ford said: “Last year, Northern Ireland had to suffer a sickening five-month stalemate. In this New Year we need to see a full 12 months of work from the Stormont Executive.

“Even though the deadlock has been broken, the public still has little confidence in the DUP, Sinn Fein, SDLP and Ulster Unionists.

“In the current economic climate, Northern Ireland needs government that works. We need stable and sustainable progress in order to safeguard local jobs.

“The Executive Ministers need to take a fresh perspective in the New Year and start looking at ways to end segregation. Currently £1 billion is wasted every year on maintaining a divided society in Northern Ireland. Given the current financial pressures facing the public and government alike, Ministers must start freeing up this money by stopping duplication and creating more shared and integrated services. During this downturn, massive annual savings can be made through ending division and it’s time to see an end to the ‘two tribes’ mentality of many of the local Ministers.

“The real messages for the Executive this year are – start ending segregation, act sustainably and don’t stop working again.”


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