Ford says vote Alliance to create new era in politics

On the eve of the Westminster election Alliance Leader David Ford said a vote for Alliance is a vote for a fresh new approach and shared future free from tribalism and deadlock. He said that people in East Belfast in particular have a golden opportunity to make history and lead the way by electing a non-tribal voice in Naomi Long.

David Ford said: “Alliance is a growing party and we are the party for a new era in Northern Ireland politics. We work for everyone, not one side or another. People in Northern Ireland can send out a strong message of hope for the future by choosing Alliance over the politics of the past.

“East Belfast can make history and point the way to a new future for Northern Ireland by saying they are tired of tribalism and elect Naomi Long. People want a fresh approach to politics after recent scandals and Naomi represents the change that Northern Ireland needs to move to the next level.

“Government must work for everyone, and people have seen Alliance delivering on community relations within the justice devolutions talks. Sending Alliance to Westminster will see delivery on the UK stage for Northern Ireland.

“People have the chance to vote for delivery, not deadlock. They can choose sharing over segregation and choose positive politics over stalemate. This election has the potential to usher in a new era of politics for Northern Ireland if people vote Alliance and abandon tribalism.”


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