Ford says SDLP is party in crisis – they must leave Executive

Alliance Leader David Ford has tonight strengthened his call for the SDLP to withdraw from the Executive. His comments follow the SDLP again voting against the Executive, this time on the Budget.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “The SDLP must now leave the Executive.

“The party is displaying total hypocrisy, having a Minister in Government, yet still opposing that Government.

“They have now voted against the two most important Executive proposals of the next three years. Even if last night was a mistake on their part, the issue is now beyond doubt. Logically they must withdraw their Minister from the Executive.

“The SDLP previously criticised the DUP for playing games in government, now it is they who are playing very similar games.

“We present a strong and coherent opposition, but an SDLP Minister is still part of this weak and incoherent government, which their other MLAs oppose. If they want to maintain any integrity at all, they must leave the Executive.”


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