Ford says Programme for Government will deliver significant change

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Executive’s Programme for Government will help deliver change for people in Northern Ireland and said that the document is a major improvement on previous Programmes for Government.

David Ford said: “This Programme for Government is a very significant document for everyone in Northern Ireland. It is a major improvement on previous Programmes for Government and Alliance’s many years of campaigning for a shared future is evidenced in this document. With responsibility for delivering its five key priorities, shared across departments, the programme will also drive greater joined-up government – a key priority for Alliance.

“Creating a shared future is central to transforming our society. While Alliance would go further, the PfG demonstrates real progress on the shared future agenda. The announcement within the document regarding shared education is positive but we believe we should be even more ambitious than this to help tackle division in our system.

“We recognise that this document is a product of a collective government so Alliance would have addressed some issues differently and we will be making a detailed response to the consultation as a party. I believe that this document could however provide the basis for delivering real change for everyone in Northern Ireland.”


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