Ford says more needs done to deliver on Good Friday promise

Alliance Leader David Ford has said although the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) will soon reach its 18th anniversary, much more needs to be done to deliver on its promise.

Speaking on Good Friday, Mr Ford said although the actual anniversary was still a few weeks away, it was important to recognise other parties needed to step up to the mark and help create the society envisioned by the document.

“The GFA is no longer a fragile young child, nor is it even a difficult toddler or stroppy teenager. It is reaching its maturity and it is long past time other parties stepped forward as well and helped Northern Ireland move forward, faster. Baby steps are fine at the beginning but now we need to see the Assembly taking strides forward.

“This year will see some young people who weren’t even born on Good Friday 1998 able to vote for the first time. That generation has grown up as their political leaders have squabbled and squandered chances.

“The public as a whole are weary of the pace of change being too slow. We need to give people hope for the future, an Assembly that creates opportunity and supports progress, a political system that inspires ambition and an Assembly they can be proud of.”

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