Ford says Eames-Bradley Group did not fully consult on payments

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Eames-Bradley Group did not consult fully on the issue of the £12,000 recognition payments. He said this in the Assembly while proposing an Alliance amendment to the DUP motion on the report from the Consultative Group on the Past. Mr Ford also said that there are a number of very positive recommendations in the report which should be given full consideration, even though he feels the recognition payment is wrong.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “I am frustrated that when we met the Consultative Group there was no mention whatsoever of the £12,000 recognition payment. I feel that there was not adequate consultation on this deeply inflammatory issue.

“Whilst we discussed recognition with the group, there was no mention of payments at all. Where did this proposal come from and why was there not full consultation on it?

“The Consultative Group on the Past have done themselves no favours. All the good points within this report must be considered, but this ill-conceived payment could prevent progress on the other recommendations.

“I emphasised in my Assembly speech that there are a number of valuable recommendations in the report regarding reconciliation and creating a united community. I hope these will not be lost because of a failure to properly consult on all proposals.”


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