Ford says Alliance manifesto will bring delivery, not delay

Alliance’s 2016 Assembly manifesto will bring “delivery, not delay,” Party Leader David Ford has said, as the party launched the document.

Speaking at the event in the Park Avenue Hotel in East Belfast, Mr Ford said the manifesto was a working document and contained no gimmicks or empty promises. He pointed to five quick steps contained in it which would lead Northern Ireland getting to “better, sooner”.

“People are understandably frustrated with the speed of change – other Executive parties have fudged and delayed in a number of areas. While Alliance has delivered, others have not. That’s why we have produced these five steps – they will increase the speed of change in key areas and help move Northern Ireland forward, faster.

“Alliance is committed to building an integrated society – we want to see integrated education, mixed housing and the removal of interface barriers so people can live and learn, work and play together. We also want to remove the costs of division – which costs us hundreds of millions of pounds each year. We will reinvest that money in areas that need it, such as health, skills and protecting the vulnerable.

“Alliance knows our economy is consistently underachieving – that’s why we want to make Northern Ireland the most dynamic regional economy in Europe by 2030 by investing further in our skills. We also see the need for transparency in politics, which is why Alliance has led the way in removing the shroud of secrecy, which we will continue to do.

“This week has seen another murder on the streets, once again bearing all the hallmarks of a paramilitary attack. Eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, it has never been more vital to remove the poison of paramilitarism. Alliance is determined to end all forms, moving us forward faster to a safe society.

“These are our priorities, but the whole manifesto is an agenda to increase the speed of change. Alliance’s ideas can move Northern Ireland forward, faster.”

Download the Alliance 2016 Assembly Manifesto

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