Armstrong says miscarriage questioning suggestions will only increase pain felt by those suffering

Alliance Strangford candidate Kellie Armstrong has said suggestions women who miscarry could potentially face police questioning over alleged use of abortion pills will significantly increase the pain felt by those who suffer loss in pregnancy.

The Strangford Councillor said the recent prosecution of a woman who induced a miscarriage by taking pills bought online had led to speculation from some quarters that women who miscarry should be investigated.

“Speaking as a woman who has had multiple miscarriages, I know first-hand how harmful and distressing comments and images are to those of us who have lost a child or children. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage.

“Whatever side of the argument you are on, it is clear the abortion debate is one that must be considered with compassion and care. What shouldn’t be happening is the vilification of women who have suffered miscarriages, which will only increase distress and create on-going mental health issues.

“Miscarriage is difficult enough – the woman is grieving the death of her child and her entire family is in mourning. Often the loss is not spoken about because people don’t know how to deal with a person going through such physical and mental pain. I was fortunate to have had support – we must ensure we do more to give the same backing to those grieving baby loss, while considering the impact of comments and allegations relating to it.”

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