Ford saddened at Mallusk job losses

Alliance South Antrim MLA David Ford has expressed his sadness after a restructuring move by Marks and Spencer could result in 140 jobs being lost at a distribution warehouse in Mallusk over the next few years.

David Ford MLA said: “I am saddened by the decision of Marks and Spencer to close this distribution warehouse. It is dreadful news for the workers and their families. It will be a blow to the local economy and community.

“Marks and Spencer have made this decision as part of a restructuring process, but I hope they will look to see if there are any other services that could be kept on at this site to reduce the number of jobs losses.

“I am disappointed at this decision as Marks and Spencer showed great commitment to Northern Ireland during the worst of the Troubles, yet are now making redundancies here.

“I hope that Marks and Spencer will fully engage with all the relevant agencies to ensure that those workers who are made redundant are offered the right assistance and support to regain employment.”


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