Ford – Robinson and McGuinness more interested in 18 holes at Gleneagles than budget black hole

Alliance Leader, David Ford MLA, has criticised the decision of Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness to fly to Scotland to watch the Ryder Cup instead of dealing with the financial crisis. At the Executive meeting on Thursday, Alliance suggested that the Executive meet on Thursday evening or today (Friday) to resolve the current budget problems, but the other parties rejected this proposal.

David Ford MLA said: “In the face of the growing financial and political crisis, I am sure that I am not the only horrified person to hear that the First and deputy First Ministers have decided that they are more interested in watching the Ryder Cup.

“Stephen Farry and I told the Executive that we were prepared to clear our diaries on Thursday evening or all day Friday to discuss the budget. It seems that Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness have other priorities.

“As the budget falls into a black hole, they seem more interested in the 18 holes at Gleneagles”

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