Ford Presses First Minister on e-government

In the Assembly this week, David Ford MLA for South Antrim, asked the First Minister what progress NI Departments were making to reach UK targets of 25% of services delivered electronically.

After the First Minister indicated that NI was likely to exceed the 25% target, David Ford asked whether there were any proposals for pilot schemes – in which NI could show the way for the whole of the UK.

David Ford commented:

“It is important that NI keeps up with new developments in technology. The First Minister has acknowledged that public use of the Internet here is lower than the UK average”.

“One way of increasing internet use for commerce and government would be by NI running a pilot scheme for a major service – such as paying rates or motor tax – which would have value for the whole of the UK”.

“I look forward to Mr. Trimble’s detailed response”!


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