Ford pleased David Cameron’s speech focused on shared future

Alliance Leader David Ford has said he is pleased that Prime Minister David Cameron, in his speech to the Assembly today, emphasised the need for a shared future and an end to segregation.

David Ford said: “I am very glad the Prime Minister focused on issues like a shared future and tackling division. The Alliance Party’s key aim is to build a shared society and I hope that other parties in the Assembly will take heed to David Cameron’s words.

“It is imperative that we move forward quickly to tackle segregation and the massive financial burden that it places on our society. I hope other parties will join with us in addressing this vitally important issue. It is very positive that the Prime Minister placed great emphasis on a shared future in his speech and I hope other parties will work with Alliance as we strive to deliver an end to division.

“When I spoke to David Cameron we discussed the importance of dealing with the legacy of the past and also talked about the Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy.”


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