Ford looks forward to cooperation with McDowell and new PD leadership team

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has congratulated Michael McDowell on becoming new Leader of the Progressive Democrats. He said his commitment to a stable future in the North, and to the rule of law, would be a strong help. He added that the strong overall leadership team would continue to provide a strong input on North/South issues.

David Ford stated: “Michael McDowell’s approach to relations with

Northern Ireland and to rule-of-law issues in general indicate that the Progressive Democrats will continue to play a positive role in Irish politics, cross-border issues, and the political process here.

“With new Deputy Leader Liz O’Donnell, who has made a strong contribution to North/South relations for over a decade, and new Party President Tom Parlon, the party has a strong and stable leadership team who will be reliable partners over the coming months and years.

“I congratulate all three on their new positions, and we look forward to maintaining the strong bilateral relations we have had with our Liberal colleagues in the Republic on issues of mutual interest on the island of Ireland, and in Europe.”


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