Ford looks ahead to Alliance Party Conference

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has looked ahead to the Annual Party Conference that is taking place on Saturday at the La Mon Hotel from 10am.

David Ford MLA said: “At last year’s elections, the public showed that they wanted more Alliance representatives to work on their behalf to deliver a shared future for Northern Ireland. More people are voting for us as they know that only Alliance is genuine in our support for a shared future. Others may make gestures towards it but they are doing nothing more than that.

“The other parties are happy with the status quo of a society where the cost of maintaining a divided society costs our economy over £1billion a year and where even at our Assembly sectarianism is institutionalised with the rule that MLAs must declare themselves as unionist, nationalist of cross community.

“Our two Ministers are delivering change in Justice and Employment and Learning. Since I was elected as Justice Minister no peace wall has been built, and I have even been able to open gates in two peace walls. Stephen Farry as Employment and Learning Minister has made skills and training a key part of his work to deliver a workforce that meets the needs of employers. At Westminster, Naomi Long has led the debate on key issues of dealing with the past and on the important decade of centenaries.

“Alliance are the only Party in the ascendency. In the past two years we have achieved our first elected Member of Parliament, our first and subsequently second Minister in the current devolved Executive, as well as gains in the Assembly and Council. If people want an alternative to the DUP and Sinn Fein, then the only party that can offer a serious alternative is the Alliance Party.”


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