Ford in call for Europe to recognise that foot and mouth has not hit Northern Ireland

Following the news that Japan has refused to let Northern Ireland produce into their country, Alliance leader David Ford has called on Brussels to make sure that European countries realise that we are not affected by the foot and mouth outbreak. A veterinary meeting is scheduled for tomorrow in Brussels to look at the recent outbreak of the disease in England and it is hoped that Northern Ireland’s case for being treated differently from Britain will be heard.

The South Antrim MLA said: “I am confident that the chief veterinary officer from Northern Ireland will put the case forward well that Northern Ireland should be treated differently from Britain. I am assured from the Agricultural Minister Michelle Gildernew that he will have backing from the British and Irish governments.

“There can be no question of any European country discriminating against safe and healthy produce from Northern Ireland. There must be clarification that Northern Ireland was able to cut itself off from the British livestock and produce market before foot and mouth was able to affect our farms.

“The exemption from the ban on British livestock was only done through the quick work from our agricultural officials and I will take this opportunity to thank them again for their good work.”


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