Ford fires warning on NI financial package

Alliance Party Leader David Ford MLA has warned that parties in government that the limitations on the financial package on offer from the UK Government emphasise the need to spend NI’s public money more wisely than before.

David Ford stated: “It is clear once again that any extra money on offer from London amounts to less than could be saved by ending segregation in our public services. The only way to avoid water charges, rates rises, tuition fees and other stealth taxes in the coming years is to promote integration in schools, leisure centres and health provision.

“Funds allocated by Government must be linked to reforms in this direction. The inefficiencies in our public finances must be resolved. It is the Government in Belfast, not London or Dublin, which will have to resolve them.

“The concept of ‘sustainable investment’ must be promoted at every turn. We cannot continue simply to throw money at problems and hope they will go away. We must ensure that any additional funds are allocated in such a way that higher quality public services can be provided for less public money.

“The new devolved administration must have the chance to deliver. But this will mean tough decisions to ensure that we do not face still more stealth taxes in years to come.”


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