Executive must set objective of economic self-sufficiency for NI – Alliance

The Alliance Party has said Northern Ireland must set itself the objective of becoming economically self-sufficient, and no longer relying on subvention from London. The call was passed unanimously at a meeting of Party Council in Castlereagh.

Proposing the motion, new Party President Colm Cavanagh stated: “We have seen yet again this week parties going to London and demanding more money. They will then come back and say ‘Oh look, we secured more funding’. Yet there is no thought going into how we make our economy truly competitive.”

Former Belfast Lord Mayor Tom Ekin added: “We can have no more begging bowl politics. We need a widespread review of economic policy, planning, infrastructure and everything else if we are to stand up on our own two feet. We must make this a priority in the new Assembly.”

The motion means the seven Alliance MLAs will pursue the objective of a self-sufficient economy as a priority, as it becomes the leading opposition party to a four-party Executive, now likely in May.

The meeting also saw David Ford MLA and Naomi Long MLA re-elected as Leader and Deputy Leader, and Coleraine representative Yvonne Boyle agreeing to continue as Party Chair until Party Conference, on 3 November. Party activists applauded the work of candidates, election agents and party workers in securing recent electoral gains, and called for urgent further action to grow the party.


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