Ford: External audit of Stormont expenses needed

Alliance Leader, David Ford, has said that an external audit of MLAs’ expenses is needed following allegations raised in the Spotlight programme on Tuesday night. He has also called for the Police to investigate the allegations

David Ford MLA said: “It is absolutely clear from what we saw on the Spotlight programme that there is a significant suspicion that a number of MLAs abused the expenses system. The Assembly needs to bring in external forensic auditors for all current and previous expenses claims and allow the Police to investigate the allegations made in the Spotlight programme. We are talking about potential fraud in the region of tens of thousands of pounds.

“These allegations will only further put people off politics following the offensive comments by Gerry Adams and Gregory Campbell. The criticism of the programme makers by certain politicians has also angered the public. These allegations are in danger of causing serious damage to the political process.

“It is vital that there is openness and transparency in politics and that the public can be confident that expenses are being used appropriately. Alliance has demonstrated our commitment to this when Naomi Long secured changes to the transparency around political donations in Northern Ireland.”


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