Dornan welcomes development of Rowandale Integrated Primary School

Alliance Lisburn Councillor Brian Dornan has welcomed the Education Minister’s decision to approve further development at Rowandale Integrated Primary School, after local Alliance Councillors lobbied the Minister on behalf of the school.

Speaking at the latest meeting of Lisburn Borough Council, Mr Dornan welcomed the move that will see the school in Moria expand to two class entry from September 2015, with an intake of 57, adding the decision was in line with the Education Minister’s duty to promote and develop the integrated sector.

Councillor Brian Dornan said: “This is excellent news for the local community in Moira and all who have fought for the further development of Rowandale Integrated Primary School. There is growing support for integrated education across Northern Ireland, yet very little has been done to date to grow the sector.

“By approving these plans for Rowandale Integrated Primary School, the Education Minister is not only fulfilling his duty to encourage and facilitate the development of Integrated education, but is also respecting the right of parental choice when it comes to access to all education sectors.

“In addition the move will ensure adequate primary school places will be available for the rapidly growing population around Moira, meaning Rowandale is set to become one of the Lisburn area’s significant and development schools.

“Alliance continues to champion the need for Integrated education – both at local Council level and at the Assembly – as continued division is having a dire effect on our economy. That is why the Alliance Lisburn group has been a long term supporter for the school’s development plans locally, while Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has fought to ensure integrated education has the appropriate representation on the new single education authority.”

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