Ford expresses condolences following death of Ian Paisley

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has paid tribute to former Leader of the DUP, Lord Bannside, who has died at the age of 88.

David Ford MLA said “Ian Paisley was a dedicated political representative who served the people of North Antrim for over four decades. This was a huge period of time working on behalf of his constituents. His passing marks the end of the era, Northern Ireland politics will not be the same following his death.

“He was one of the biggest names in Northern Ireland and British politics. He was a larger than life character, whose presence was felt in any room he was in. Although many of us opposed his actions for many years, he played a key role in getting the Northern Ireland Assembly back on track in 2007 and I commended him for his work and effort in achieving this.

“On behalf of the Alliance Party, I would like to extend my sympathies to Baroness Paisley and his children and grandchildren who will miss him the most.”


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