Ford disappointed by Brexit legal challenge ruling

David Ford MLA has said he is disappointed a legal challenge against Brexit has been rejected by the High Court but added he will continue to explore every available avenue to fight the matter.

The Alliance MLA was speaking after a judge ruled against two separate proceedings – one from a cross-party of MLAs and another by victims’ campaigner Raymond McCord.

Mr Ford said despite the judgement, valid concerns around the impact of a Brexit remain.

“Regardless of the eventual resolution of these legal cases, a one size fits all approach to Brexit across the UK simply doesn’t work, particularly in relation to Northern Ireland. The choice here is not between a special status or no special status, but rather a negotiated special status or major anomalies emerging.

“There are too many issues particular to this region, such as cross-border trade, the nature of our economy and the protection of the Good Friday Agreement. The people have spoken in Northern Ireland in favour of the latter and staying within the EU. Brexit cannot be allowed to compromise that.

“The key linkage around the EU is until now the UK and Ireland have moved in unison around key issues of the movement of people and goods. This is no longer tenable in the context of one state inside and another state outside the EU. Yet, these freedoms are intrinsic to the peace process and our economy prosperity.”

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