Farry asks if Executive is burying bad news with Programme for Government launch

Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has asked if the Executive is “burying bad news” by launching the Programme for Government (PFG) consultation during Assembly recess.

He said publishing the document at the end of the week before the Assembly breaks up for a recess period appeared to be an attempt to avoid scrutiny of the document.

“Alliance is in principle supportive of the general approach taken towards the Programme for Government. However, after an initial review, it appears the document is strong on analysis but it fails to deliver on what the Executive set out to do.

The document is short of actual numerical targets being assigned to the various outcomes, which should have been the logical next step in this process. There is nothing actually proposed against which to assess performance.

Instead of targets, the document only really provides high-level commitments, and where greater specifics are made in terms of action points, these read as the arbitrary and almost random lists that characterised previous PFGs.

This document does not provide the fresh approach promised, but is drifting back to the practice of old. It appears by releasing this document on a Friday just before recess, the Executive is attempting to bury bad news.”

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