Ford criticises other parties’ grand-standing over crisis

Alliance Leader David Ford has criticised other parties for “grand-standing instead of helping reach a solution” over the current Stormont crisis.

Mr Ford was speaking after the decision of the UUP and SDLP to not back an adjournment motion at today’s Assembly Business Committee. It was followed by First Minister Peter Robinson’s stepping aside and the resignation of other Ministers from his party.

“It is a deeply disappointing day for everyone in Northern Ireland and a worrying one as regards the future of the political institutions here, thanks to the actions of the UUP and SDLP,” he said.

“These are two parties whose former leaders sacrificed their parties for the peace process. Now their current leaders have sacrificed the process for party interest.

“Those concerns have been exacerbated by the DUP’s actions this evening. While their commitment to talks is welcome, their Ministers’ resignations leave the Executive hanging by a thread.

“Devolution is an integral part of reconciliation but for it to function, people need to step back and calm down. Alliance has consistently said cool heads and strong leadership is needed, which is what we are providing. However, today’s events show others are not as interested and would rather grandstand and threaten power-sharing for short-term gain.”

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