Ford criticises Gildernew for not giving exact location of bluetongue case, but praises veterinary service

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Minister should have provided more details of the location of the case of bluetongue which was announced today. He did however praise the quick actions of the veterinary service in dealing with the case.

David Ford, who is also Alliance Agriculture Spokesperson said: “I welcome the speedy action by the veterinary service in dealing with this single case of blue tongue.

“I do, however, believe the Minister should release the location where the animal was detected so that farmers in that area know. People have a right to know the general location of this case. There is no need for her to release the name of the exact farm involved, however; she should have gone into more detail than merely stating that the case was in County Antrim. I would appeal to all farmers in Northern Ireland to be vigilant.

“In the past we have avoided some major animal diseases because of good co-operation between Department vets, vets in private practice, and farmers. It is vitally important that we keep up the same level of co-operation now.

“The Minister should now ensure that any imported animals are subject to the appropriate tests on arrival in Northern Ireland.”


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