Ford considers ceasfire proposal

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed the start to consultation for a possible independent ceasefire assessor.

Mr Ford was speaking after receiving a letter from the Secretary of State stating that Dr Reid saw a case for shining a light “on levels of paramilitary violence in the community, both loyalist and republican”, and supplementing the judgements he makes about ceasefires.

The Secretary of State said the letter marked the start of the consultation process.

Mr Ford said: “I welcome the Secretary of State’s early start to the consultation process that could lead to a position being created for an independent ceasefire assessor.”

“Alliance believes that the appointment of a robustly independent international figure of high standing to monitor and report on the activities of organisations claiming to be maintaining ‘ceasefires’ would help restore public confidence and bring a greater degree of integrity to the process.”

“In order to make as much headway as possible, we intend to meet with other parties and Ministers over the coming weeks to ensure that progress is made on the issue before the process is allowed to deteriorate into yet another crisis.”


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