McCarthy laments lack of Ulster-Scots in broadcasting

Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy, who is a member of the Assembly’s Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee, stated:

“As a party that recognises the cultural diversity of Northern Ireland, Alliance would support greater coverage of Ulster-Scots in local broadcasting. For many here, Ulster-Scots is a central part of their cultural heritage, although sadly it has been more or less neglected by the mainstream media.”

“As stated in the Good Friday Agreement, Ulster-Scots forms part of the cultural wealth of Northern Ireland. It would therefore seem fair that a regular programme dedicated to Ulster-Scots should form part of the broadcasting schedule here.”

“A weekly show of about an hour would not be an unreasonable request to cater for those who enjoy Ulster-Scots, and would heighten awareness of the influence it has had on language used by all sections of the Northern Ireland community.”


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