Ford congratulates Obama on his re-election

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has passed on his congratulations to American President Barack Obama on his re-election and wished him well for his second term in office.

David Ford MLA said: “It is with great pleasure that I welcome President Obama’s re-election. America has again sent a message that they want a leader who wants to unite people both in their country and around the world.

“I would like to pass on my congratulations on his victory and wish him all the best for the next four years.

“His election four years ago was a watershed moment in American politics, the effect of which was felt across the world. I hope that with this second mandate that he will be able to further deliver on his liberal policies on foreign affairs, environmental protection, energy and equality for all.

“His visit to the Republic of Ireland was very successful where he was able to pass on his message of hope and change, so I hope during his second term in office he will be able to visit Northern Ireland.”

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