Ford condemns ‘brutal’ Craigavon shooting

Alliance Leader David Ford has expressed revulsion at news of the shooting of a police officer in Craigavon. An officer was killed in the attack in the Lismore Manor area at around 10pm this evening.

David Ford said: “My heart and the hearts of the whole community goes out to the family and colleagues of the police officer who has been so brutally murdered serving the people of Northern Ireland.

“I simply cannot comprehend the sheer evil of those involved in this attack. This shooting was cowardly and despicable.

“This murder must be roundly condemned by all right-thinking people. It is clear that dissident republicans are determined to attempt a sustained attack on peace and stability in Northern Ireland.

” All political representatives and the whole community united to condemn Saturday’s attack. The public’s resolve has been strengthened against these elements – everyone has spoken with one voice to say that peace is the only way forward.

“There must be calm at this time. Political representatives again need to show leadership.

“Anyone with any information on these attacks has a duty to contact the police immediately. The public, working closely with the police, can catch these individuals and end this violence.”


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