Ford concerned at potential loosening of PPS21

Alliance Environment spokesperson David Ford MLA has expressed his concern at the decision to grant a planning application that may lead to a loosening of PPS21 that was put in place to stop a bungalow blight on the countryside. The planning application in Randalstown could open up loop holes as it is not close to a cluster of existing buildings as is required.

David Ford MLA said: “This application could set a dangerous precedent. The application is 70m from the nearest buildings, which makes a mockery of PPS21’s requirement for applications to be part of a cluster of existing buildings.

“It was hoped that PPS21 would offer a better balance than the blanket ban of its predecessor PPS14 and it would be sad if this compromise planning statement was ruined by such a loose interpretation of it.

“Nobody would wish for there to be a planning free for all in our beautiful countryside and I would urge planning officials to ensure that this does not happen.”


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