Ford calls on Minister to stop school sale

Alliance Leader David Ford has asked the Minister for Education, Martin McGuinness, to halt the sale of the former Ardglass Primary School.

The school has been placed on the open market by the South Eastern Education and Library Board, apparently in contradiction of promises made when the school was closed that it would remain an educational resource, specifically as a library.

In a letter to the Education Minister, Mr Ford wrote: “There is potential for the part use of the building by the East Down Institute. As such, it would appear that the SEELB has not fully exhausted the public sector uses of the building, and should not have placed the premises on the open market.

“It is claimed that we now live in an era of ‘joined up’ government. This requires a spirit of co-operation, not just by Government Departments but by all public bodies. I find it difficult to see how the actions of SEELB can be seen to be working in co-operation with other public bodies and a responsible local community organisation for the good of the people of Ardglass.”

Mr Ford asked the Minister to take urgent action to stop the sale proceeding.


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