Ford announced Dr Kamble as Enniskillen by-election candidate

Alliance leader David Ford has today announced that Dr Kumar Kamble will be the party’s candidate in the forthcoming by-election in Enniskillen. David Ford said he was pleased to announce such a high profile and well respected local candidate.

David Ford said: “I am very pleased to announce that Dr Kumar Kamble will be the Alliance Party candidate in next month’s Enniskillen by-election. Dr Kamble is a prominent figure who is held in very high regard by the community he serves in the Erne hospital.

“It’s very important that the people of Enniskillen are given the chance to vote for a party and a candidate that appeals to everyone, not just one side or another. The tribal parties are failing at Stormont. The DUP and Sinn Fein are simply not working. The Stormont Executive has not met since mid-June and will not meet until mid-September. This election gives people the opportunity to say that they are not happy with this situation.”

Dr Kumar Kamble said: “It is a great honour to have been selected to represent Alliance at the forthcoming by-election. Enniskillen needs a councillor who will work for everyone in the area, not simply for one of the two tribes.

“There are a number of key issues that I will be campaigning on. I want to ensure that Fermanagh receives receives a fair deal. Too often Fermanagh is left as the poor relation when it comes to funding for health, education and community services. I want to see more jobs coming to the area and more assistance provided to maximise the potential of our existing tourism industry.

“I will also be campaigning to ensure that the gridlock which can be seen around Enniskillen most days is alleviated. I will be working hard to provide improved public transport for the town and the outlying areas. Better and more frequent bus services will encourage people to get out of their cars and this will make Enniskillen a far easier place to get around.”



Dr Kumar Kamble has worked at Enniskillen hospital and lived in the area for the past six years. He works as an anaesthetist at present and has worked in six different countries as a doctor, including Saudia Arabia, New Zealand and Canada. Before he came to Northern Ireland he was working in Cardiff. He is married with three children, and his wife is a professor of history.

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