Ford anger at Executive failure to tackle sectarian hatred

Alliance Leader David Ford has said the Stormont Executive needs to get its act together on tackling sectarianism. He branded the Executive complacent and his comments come following a second attack on Damien Fleming, who was critically injured in the sectarian attack that claimed the life of Kevin McDaid in Coleraine.

David Ford said: “Attacks like this show that the Stormont Executive is failing on tackling sectarian hatred. Northern Ireland cannot move forward until a strong strategy is put in place to tackle prejudice.

“The First and Deputy First Ministers have delayed the Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy and there can be no justification for this failure to deliver.

“These attacks in Coleraine have sent a wave of revulsion across the community. Currently a vacuum exists and it appears the Executive is making no effort to improve community relations across Northern Ireland.

“We have unionists and nationalists in government, but this does not mean that problems on the ground have disappeared – far from it.

“An air of complacency has developed within the Executive on tackling sectarianism and this is simply unacceptable. We need to CSI strategy brought forward now to help us eradicate the scourge of prejudice for good. This is not abstract – these measures are practical and essential. Both Alliance, and the people of Northern Ireland will not tolerate any further delays.”


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