Farry welcomes Ritchie commitment to tackle residential segregation

North Down Alliance MLA Stephen Farry has welcomed the statement from the Department of Social Development Minister recognising the unsustainable financial and social costs of residential segregation, and committing her Department to address the problem.

These comments were made in response to a debate in the Assembly on the large number of empty homes in Northern Ireland.

Dr Farry stated: “For too long, there has been too much complacency in accepting the divisions in our society, including in public housing.

“I am pleased that the Minister has been prepared to recognise the scale of the problems of residential segregation and its impact upon not only addressing housing need, but also wider society.

“It is now crucial that she follows through with this rhetorical commitment. This means tackling the ‘them’ versus ‘us’ mentality that reinforces territoriality in housing, removing the implied right to live in ‘single identity’ areas, further promotion of mixed housing initiative, tearing down so-called ‘peace walls’ and ensuring that lose living in integrated areas have their wishes protected.”


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