Alliance Leader demands cut in number of MLAs to 80

Alliance Leader David Ford has called for a cut in the number of government departments and Assembly Members locally. His call comes today as the committee looking into institutional review sits for the first time. He stated that reducing the number of departments and MLAs would free-up cash to invest in vital frontline services.

David Ford said: “We welcome the fact that the committee is getting down to work. It is extremely important that we get work done to make government more efficient so we can redirect more cash to vital services like health and education.

“We want a reduction in the size of the Assembly, to 80 MLAs, to come into effect at the next Assembly election. This would better reflect the population of Northern Ireland, and provide more cost-effective Government.

“It is also important that we cut the number of government departments from eleven to six. This will help create better joined-up government and will free-up vital resources so that we can invest more into frontline services for local people.”

“The current ten departments were artificially created and do not make for the best use of public money.

“The last Executive got the Review of Public Administration back to front because they looked at quangos before they examined the important area of government departments. “


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