Farry welcomes IMC court ruling

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Dr Stephen Farry, has welcomed the court decision dismissing Sinn Fein’s challenge against the Independent Monitoring Commission and stated that it was always based upon a misrepresentation of the role and function of the Commission. He has further stressed that the IMC has worked in favour of creating opportunities for political progress.

The North Down Representative stated: “Sinn Fein took this case on a fundamental misunderstanding of the role and purpose of the IMC.

“The IMC was not created to be a judicial body passing judgement on individuals, but rather an independent body that would assess and analyse the evidence relating to the activities of organisations. This would facilitate informed political choices to be made by governments and other parties. The sanctions recommended by the IMC are always for other political actors to take forward, and when this is done it is a reflection of the loss of political confidence among other parties.

“In fact as events have unfolded, the IMC has served Sinn Fein’s political interests. In the past, judgements have been made upon the Republican Movement based upon rumour and innuendo. Through providing independent and authoritative reports, the IMC have provided proper verification of the end of IRA paramilitary activity, and have opened up new opportunities for political movement.”


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