Alliance backs eco-village and hopes it is a sign of things to come

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Cllr Stewart Dickson has welcomed plans for the development of an eco village in County Antrim and hopes that eco friendly energy systems will be a feature of all new build homes in the near future. The 300 house eco village is to be located near Lisburn and will be completed in early 2008. The houses’ heating systems are powered by burning wood pellets made from willow trees grown locally.

Stewart Dickson said: “I am glad to see that someone is taking the initiative and developing groundbreaking new housing which puts environmentalism at the centre of its plans.

“Green energy systems for homes are essential in the future so that we can heat our houses on a sustainable basis.

“This scheme has garnered much publicity so I hope that other developers sit up, take notice and act fast.

“The heating systems are powered by burning willow pellets, which have a higher output than non-eco friendly fuels. The willow trees used to make the pellets are grown on a sustainable basis locally, thus boosting both our economy and the environment in the process.

“This new scheme has proved popular with over 1,000 people putting their names on the waiting list for these 300 homes.

“I hope that other housing developers will pay heed to this new development and design their new houses with green energy systems fitted as standard.”


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