Farry Calls for “Yes” Vote

Stephen Farry, Alliance Constituency Representative for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, has called for an overwhelming endorsement of the Good Friday Agreement within the constituency.

Stephen Farry, who was a member of the Alliance Party’s Talks Team, said:

“The Alliance Party has always argued that in the absence of the unfair and undemocratic dominance of one tradition in pour divided society that an honourable compromise was the only way forward.”

“After many years of intermittent Talks, this is now exactly what we have achieved. No deal is ever perfect; every party has had to compromise, even the Alliance Party, to reach this achievement.”

“The Good Friday Agreement should be assessed as an overall package. Despite the many reservations that many people, including in the Alliance Party, have over certain aspects of the deal, it is important that there is no cherry-picking.”

“The Alliance Party is convinced that this Agreement is in the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland. The deal provides a solid foundation of which we can build a better type of society.”

“After a strong “Yes” vote in the referendum, it should help to bring stability and to deliver peace, and would give renewed hope for social and economic improvement in our society. A “No” vote would lead to Northern Ireland becoming an isolated backwater, characterised by instranigence and despair.”

“I am confident that only will there be an overwhelming “Yes” vote in Fermanagh and South Tyrone, but right across Northern Ireland. Every person who turns out to vote “Yes” will be taking a sense of ownership of the best opportunity Northern Ireland has had in years.”


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