Farry and Muir to contest North Down election for Alliance

Stephen Farry MLA and Councillor Andrew Muir will contest the North Down Assembly election for Alliance.

The team were officially selected by the North Down Alliance Association to fight the contest on a vision of progressive, inclusive and prosperous politics. They said they were honoured to be selected.

Mr Farry has been MLA for the area since 2007 and currently serves as Minister for Employment and Learning, while Mr Muir was Mayor of North Down in 2013-14.

“I am delighted to be chosen by my association,” said Stephen Farry.

“The current crisis has shown just how important strong Alliance leadership is towards positive change in this society. Alliance is the only party is strong and consistent on the rule of law, responsible with the public finances, and socially progressive. This is where the vast majority of people are in their views.

“Alliance has a powerful platform to actually deliver change. Our MLAs are well known to be hard-working, so to have more of them making further significant contributions to the process can only be a good thing for Northern Ireland.”

“During my year as Mayor of North Down, I made history – reaching out across the community in an inclusive manner, conducting over 700 engagements with organisations not previously recognised as part of civic life,” added Councillor Muir.

“Alliance has at its core building community relations, and we will not shy away from providing that leadership. The people of North Down know Alliance is dedicated to working on local issues, promoting the constituency’s interests at the Assembly and giving a positive message about a shared future free of intimidation and fear for everyone.”

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