Armitage praises authorities for fire response

Alliance Councillor David Armitage has praised authorities for their “quick and positive” reaction to a fire in an East Belfast hostel.

The blaze broke out at the hostel, located on the corner of the Woodstock and Albertbridge Roads, overnight. Residents were evacuated, with eight taking shelter in Dee Street Community Centre. The building has been severely damaged by the fire, while residents have now been found alternative accommodation.

“I want to give my thanks to Belfast City Council for opening Dee Street Community Centre and reacting so quickly to the incident, and to Belfast Trust and the Housing Executive for finding new accommodation for residents,” said Councillor Armitage.

“Vulnerable people need all the support they can get. Residents of this shelter need to have a sense of security to help live their lives with confidence and the impressive response by the authorities to this incident will help give them that assurance.”

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