Far more pressing projects than bridge to Scotland, say Muir

There are far more pressing infrastructure needs in Northern Ireland than a proposed bridge to Scotland, Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Andrew Muir has said.

North Down MLA Mr Muir was speaking after the UK Government said work was under way to look at the idea, with rumoured routes being to North Down, East Antrim or North Antrim.

“Despite this being a terrible idea, it appears it will not go away,” said Mr Muir.

“Even a study into its feasibility is nothing more than a waste of time and effort, and it is baffling why anyone would even give it credence, when any bridge and associated works would decimate our coastline, while potentially being built over tonnes of dumped munitions.

“This white elephant merely serves as a distraction tool for Boris Johnson and his Government. There are a number of infrastructure projects in Northern Ireland which are far more pressing – investing in the road and rail network west of the Bann, more sustainable public transport, a high speed rail link between Belfast and Dublin, investing in water and sewerage infrastructure or simply restoring the many dilapidated road surfaces across the community.

“The focus needs to be on sustainable projects with a large economic and social impact, rather than pie in the sky pipedreams such as a bridge which would likely be closed due to bad weather more often than it would be open.”