EU has played ‘key role’ in securing Northern Ireland’s stability, says Dickson

The EU has played a key role in building a shared future in Northern Ireland, Alliance European Stewart Dickson MLA has said, as he added the DUP shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.

Speaking after the DUP hit out at Sir John Major and Tony Blair for comments suggesting a leave vote could threaten Northern Ireland’s current stability, the Alliance Party’s European Spokesperson said The First Minister should acknowledge and recognise the points made by the former Prime Ministers.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Through PEACE programmes the European Union has made a significant contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland and to suggest otherwise only demonstrates how far the DUP is on the wrong side of this argument.

“In the last six years along, PEACE III funding has seen £150 million injected into local projects including good relations programmes that reduce tensions within our community, replacing sectarian murals and other symbols of division and challenging hate crime.

“Rather than quickly dismissing the loss of this valued resource, Arlene Foster and her DUP colleagues must take on board the points made by Sir John Major and Tony Blair.

“With PEACE IV funding already in place, Alliance will continue to use its influence within the EU framework to build further on Northern Ireland’s stability – rather than walking voters blindly into a decision that could affect further reconciliation programmes.”

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