Energy efficiency in private dwellings must be top priority in NI: Neeson

Alliance Assembly Energy Spokesperson Séan Neeson has said that proposals announced for England and Wales concerning council tax reductions for energy efficiency in private homes must be extended to Northern Ireland.

He said it must be top priority for any new legislative Assembly, and it should form part of the Review of Public Administration.

The East Antrim Assembly member stated: “Energy efficiency has been a top priority for Alliance for some time. This is in the interest both of personal savings, and of the local and global environment.

“It is welcome that Government buildings are promoting the use of renewables and solar panels, but we cannot allow private dwellings to lag behind.

“The Government has the chance to promote the use of energy saving through financial incentives, such as a more efficient grants system.

“However, a rates discount would be the most obvious way to encourage a fast changeover of homes to newer, more efficient ways of providing energy for domestic use.

“We would be at the forefront of such proposals in any new legislative Assembly, and will aim to work them into the Review of Public Administration.”


NOTE: The 2005 Alliance Party manifesto contains the pledge: “Promote energy efficiency and conservation: Unacceptable amounts of energy are wasted through inefficiencies. Alliance would consider the introduction of energy rating for private dwellings and encouragement for householders to effect energy conservation.”

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