Alliance refuses to back Ulster Unionists in Castlereagh

The Alliance Party Group in Castlereagh has announced that it will not support the Ulster Unionists for the position of Deputy Mayor at the Council’s AGM on Thursday and will not do so until the paramilitary groups to which their Assembly members are linked are on ceasefire and start addressing decommissioning. The group also confirmed that it would support the DUP candidate for mayor. The moves comes on the back of the UVF being linked to an attempted assassination in Belfast

Cllr Michael Long said, “We have also made it clear that whilst the UUP maintain their formal links with the PUP, and whilst the paramilitary groups to which they are linked are not on ceasefire and refuse to address decommissioning, we will not be in a position to support them for any of the top posts.

“Unlike others, we will not differentiate between loyalist and republican paramilitarism, but want to see all groups commit to exclusively democratic and peaceful means and move towards a peaceful and shared future. The attempted murder of Mark Haddock in recent days, which has been clearly linked to the UVF, only strengthens our conviction that the UUP currently do not deserve our support.”


NOTE: The meeting will be held at 4pm on Thursday 15th June at the Council Offices at Forestside.

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